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Be Different is an original message that God implemented in my life to share with others. When I was younger, I recall feeling left out because I wasn’t 'indifferent'. I asked God to show me why 'Being Different' was a good thing. He showed me that being different allowed me to stand out. Additionally, God totally changed my perspective about how He uses our uniqueness for His glory. When we don’t love ourselves, we reject the love that God has for us. Jesus showed me how to love my differentness in return. Everyone is different in their own way, but walking with God fabricates you to be a ‘Different Type of Different’. Mathew 5:16 states allowing your light to shine so you can display the goodness of God, so He can get the Glory. Our ultimate goal is to bring Glory to God! Ultimately, we have to be a Light, so God can use us to draw people closer to Him. -Eternity 

Instagram: @bedifferentfive16

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